Creating a Learning Journey for New Hires from Campus

The Campus to Corporate Program is a standard program that we have been running for over 20 years at Shradha HRD.  We have been running this program across Sectors, ranging from Manufacturing to Automobile companies, Pharma, Telecom and the IT/ITES sector.

This program that we ran for an Oil & Gas Public Sector Company was interesting. The “New Hire Induction Program” was staggered. Instead of doing all the programs together, there were 4 sessions staggered across a 6 month period.

What made this program interesting and an absolute value add for the participants was that they came in for each class and discussed how they had implemented learnings and the challenges they faced. As participants had a facilitator, that was external to the organization, they used the sessions as a forum to share their experiences, learn and look at solutions for challenges they encountered in their first jobs.

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