Program series on Consultative Selling for floor managers at a Global electronics consumer durable company

We recently completed a training intervention on Consultative Selling for a large multinational electronics conglomerate. The program was designed for managers who coach and train front line sales floor associates to drive sales at the company’s dealerships and company owned retail outlets across India. The program objective was to personalizing the customer experience through consultative selling. This was in line with the company’s objective for the year to delight the customer and enhance brand visibility through consultative selling.

This intervention had 3 main steps:

  • Conducting mystery audits across the company’s self-owned and multi-brand outlets. The results gathered from the experience and the discussions with the relevant stakeholders were used to contextualize the program.
  • Conducting the classroom roll-out. The key take away’s for the program included exploring individual areas of strength and areas of opportunities through customized role plays and business simulations. Creation of personalized action plans for individual participants.
  • Post program follow up. This included group coaching to track implementation of program learnings & find solutions for areas where participants had challenges in closing out action plan deliverables.

Post the program, the feedback from participants was extremely positive and encouraging, both for our client and for us as a team. Participants felt confident about applying consultative selling skills to their selling processes & coaching their team members on how to use this approach in different business situations.

All India Selling Skills Contest for an Automobile giant

This month we conducted a national level assessment for an automobile giant. A total of 144 contestants selected through regional contest from 18 regions across India. These participants were judged throughthe All India Selling skills contest. Our client was organizing the contest after a gap of almost five years. They wanted an innovative and unconventional assessment methodology for the contest, something that would help them create a new benchmark in their industry.

We devised fun and gamified versions for the assessments in the form of roleplays, audio-visuals, competition check, rapid fire, judges round, etc. The idea was to assess the contestants on the following sales qualities:

  • Customer obsession
  • Brand projection
  • Transactional selling vs. experiential selling
  • Objection handling
  • Thinking out-of-the-box

There were separate evaluation parameters for each round and we had a mammoth task of making softer aspects of sales quantifiable to eliminate any subjectivity in assessment.

On the whole, the event was extremely engaging, well received and team Shradha HRD had a new feather of customer delight in its cap.

One-on-One Coaching on Communication skills for senior managers

This quarter, we successfully completed two separate 1-on-1 coaching interventions for senior management level coachees.

The first coachee, belonged to a large consulting organization in the Finance domain. He had challenges around presenting to senior stakeholders, especially from other geographies. The challenges were largely aroundstructure of the presentation and inability to present the value proposition clearly & concisely, poor body language, monotonous voice quality. By the end of the coaching interventionthere was atremendous improvement overall presentation skills.Some of the quantifiable upgrades in performance were enhanced ability to structure presentations effectively and make them concise, elimination of monotony in speech, improved audibility and energy levels&body language in sync with the content of the presentations. This is feedback we received from the program sponsor who was the head of the business.

The second coaching intervention was for a prominent multinational bank. This intervention required us to help the coachee overcome challenges around English language including pronunciation, intonation and avoiding indianisms. Out of the 8 sound switches and corruptions observed in the pre-coaching assessment, we were able to get 2 completely eliminated and a remarkable reduction in the remaining 6. The coachee also received a lot of appreciation and positive feedback from his reporting managers in India and the UK

Customer Centricity interventions for over 1500 participants across different sectors

We conducted a series of Customer Centricity interventions across the country this year. Ouraudiencewas spread across organizations from varied sectors:  financial services technology, learning management outsourcing, business process outsourcing, engineering and project management consultancies. These interventions required us to design programs for both client-facing and back office employees. The audience profile ranged from entry-level team members to mid-level managers.

By the end of these interventions, the level 3 needle movement was observed around the following competencies:

  • Taking ownership end to end
  • Ability to take escalated calls in a completely satisfactory manner
  • Communicate view point and influence the customer
  • Build trust, rapport and come across as confident and credible
  • Handling irate customers more effectively and de-escalate difficult customer situations better
  • Building rapport in a virtual team environment with clients and key stakeholders

Design and development of the Induction program for an International RPO

The advent of the New Year saw us designing and launching a 3-day induction program for a multinational recruitment company. This renowned company was launching its operations in India for the first time. They needed a robust induction program to acclimatize their employees with the culture of the company and its client base.

This was an end-to-end solution we designedfor our client. It included the training need analysis, developing the trainer’s kit, launching classroom sessions, conducting a Train the trainer program for the internal training team, reviewing sessions and final handover. Our team successfully reached each of these milestones. The results were so spectacular that this program which was originally meant for the new hires was extended to the experienced employees as well.

By the end of the three months of the project we hadestablished a strong induction program and had a hugely satisfied client.

Learning week for an Automobile major

Shradha HRD designed and conducted a week long learning event an Auto major this month. The dual objectives of the event were to create a buzz around company core values&build visibility for Learning & Development within the company.  The event was meant for the entire population of the company working out of four of their plant locations. It was important that the event was stimulating, engaging & fulfilled the learning objectives. so that everyone starting from the workmen to the top management could participate with equal enthusiasm.

The event as very well received across all levels. It ran very successfully across all plant locations. There was a lot of laughter and positive energy surrounding the event. We had over 2500 participant that participated enthusiastically in the event. At the same time, they went back with a reinforcement of company core values.

Training solutions to better Customer Satisfaction Scores

Over the last 2 months, we conducted an intervention for over 250 finance professionals across Gurgaon and Mumbai for a Global Bank. The division we worked with handled chat queries from across the globe from Customers of the Bank. The objective of the intervention was to raise the customer satisfaction scores by 5-7%. These scores are calculated based on a customer feedback survey sent to all customers, post each interaction.  At the end of the intervention, the customer satisfaction scores had gone up by 11%.

The intervention was conducted over 3 weeks with 3 touch-points (both classroom and through a coaching & mentoring connect). Some of the elements covered during the program were assertive writing, developing a customer centric attitude &  working with a solutions mind-set.

Building Managerial Talent: Trained 162 First Time Managers across sectors. Outsourcing sector, Automobiles sector & Manufacturing

Over the last 2 months we have successfully completed an integrated training program for First time managers across 3 large multinational companies from completely different sectors.

The unique thing about these programs was a clearly measurable return on investment for the company. These integrated programs had an efficient mechanism to track the implementation of learning and the actual usage of concepts learnt.

The classroom feedback for these programs was over 95%.

The line managers who had nominated their direct reportees for these programs felt that there had been a quantifiable marked improvement. The improvement post the program , as assessed by line managers was on average at 24%. The parameters that the First Time Managers were assessed on ranged from improved employee engagement, better quality of feedback session to enhanced client handling skills.

One-on- One Coaching on Communication skills for 3 Vice-Presidents in a large investment bank

We successfully completed a 1 on 1 Coaching intervention for 3 coachees at the vice-president level in an intervention that was spread across 2 months. The challenges identified for the coachees ranged from language challenges, including pronunciation and fluency to inability to articulate their point effectively.

The results were quite spectacular. By the end of the intervention there was a quantifiable & measurable needle movement that could be seen. There was feedback that the coachees received from their clients on the positive change over a period of 2 months.