The Power of “Samwaad”: Program on Career Development for Program Managers of a National TV News Channel

We conducted a large intervention for young executives at one of the top news media companies of the country. This was a very exciting intervention for us. We had an audience that included several young news anchors, managers that look after a program series on television, program editors etc.

The overarching program objective was to help participants:

  • Reflect on the ever dynamic nature of our world & the exciting opportunities that are constantly being generated
  • Define a clear vision on what success looks like for them
  • Set clear career goals in line with their personal competencies and plan effectively to reach their goals

This program enabled participants to leverage the current information about the organization and future trends to create more realistic career development goals. The feedback from participants was that the program helped them achieve a greater sense of responsibility for managing their careers and take steps in an organized way to achieve their professional aspirations.

Move Up initiative for Women Empowerment: Program series on Women Empowerment for a gender-neutral workplace

Our client, a global management consulting organization aims to be gender neutral by 2020. To achieve this objective, they engaged with Shradha HRD to design and deliver a series of initiatives to empower women executives and managers within the organization. This program series aimed to enable participants to break mental conditioning, to harness the power of the mind and to effectively develop interpersonal skills that they need to “Move Up”.

Some client testimonials – quoted verbatim

  •  “This program helped me learn some really useful tips on striking work-life balance and take charge of my life”
  • “After attending this training I am really inspired to challenge myself and not take people’s criticism to heart”

Train The Trainer program – (R1RCM): Train the trainer program for managers that deliver departmental inductions

Shradha HRD trained the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of a well-known Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management company this month. These SMEs conduct induction sessions for new joiners and are responsible for familiarizing them with the company’s policies and procedures around a number of areas like Finance, Compliance, HR, etc. The problem statement was how to make their sessions more engaging within the limited time of 30-40 minutes.

Training focus areas:

  • Understand the scope of content that could go into each presentation
  • Structure content for greater retention
  • Build audience engagement by donning a trainer’s persona
  • Making a professional power point presentation

By incorporating concepts like the principles of adult learning and storytelling, this program helped participants remarkably improve their overall presentation skills. During final presentations, there was a marked difference in the ability to structure subject matter, engage participants and increase the overall engagement levels in the training room.

Program on Executive Presence: Program on Building Executive Presence was custom created for middle level managers of a large Japanese multinational conglomerate

The objective of the program was to help participants integrate their internal confidence to power-up their external behaviors.

In order to do this, the program was designed to help participants fine tune their personal operating style and exude the key executive presence skills of listening mindfully, speaking clearly, responding thoughtfully and asking great questions. This in turn, would help them successfully engage with people across all levels, both inside and outside of the organization.

The main focus areas of the program were:

  • how to establish credibility in the long term
  • business etiquette and developing one’s own style
  • creating a personal brand that distinguishes oneself from others

Thinking out of the box: Leadership Strategy meet of a Global Consulting Outsourcing & Technology company: Experiential program for senior directors on Strategy, Planning & Thinking out of the box

This global management consulting firm engaged with Shradha HRD to conduct a program for their senior directors, who had come together for their bi-annual strategy meet. The brief for this program was learning and reflection on the planning process, fun and team bonding. The program methodology was completely experiential with learnings drawn from the activity debrief.

Through highly kinesthetic activities, this experiential training program helped participants to break mental barriers in order to think out of the box, develop a solutions mindset and improve multi-tasking.

Verbatim testimonial – “The training met all our expectations and beyond”.

Advanced Communication Skills: Program on Advanced Communication Skills for a large US based IT services company

Shradha Hrd created and conducted an extensive staggered intervention for associates at a large IT services company. Although technically competent, these associates lacked the “finesse” required to confidently work in a corporate environment.

The program imparted the essential corporate skills to them so that they graduated as “well rounded” executives who could communicate with confidence.

The key elements of the program were:

  • English language enhancement
  • Professional verbal communication: structuring a message, English language enhancement
  • Professional non-verbal communication
  • Corporate etiquette
  • Cultural sensitization

The classroom feedback score for this intervention was above 96%.

Customer Centricity: Program on Customer Centricity for managers of a Global Financial Major

Shradha HRD worked with a complete line of business at a large financial services technology and outsourcing services organization across their Bangalore and Chennai offices, on this intervention for enhancing Customer Centricity. We trained close to 50 participants through this intervention.

The objectives of this program were to:

  • Improve customer centricity and customer connect through emails and phone
  • improve the overall structure and format of writing to clients
  • reduce grammatical errors and use of ‘Indianisms” – words/phrases that may be unfamiliar to non- Indian nationalities
  • recognize cultural differences that lead to differences in communication styles

By the end of the intervention we observed a clear level 3 needle movement around the following areas:

  • Taking ownership and going the extra mile to understand and comprehend the complete background and the unstated background of customer inquiry.
  • Framing responses using a structured approach e.g. Numbers, tables, paragraphs, bullet points, etc. Confidential Shradha HRD Private Limited
  • Better understanding and adaptation to an American style of writing.
  • Dealing with difficult customer situations effectively: empathetic yet assertive approach.

Building managerial efficiencies: Program on building managerial efficiencies for new managers at one of India’s largest Technology/Education companies

For one of the verticals of a top IT education company, Shradha HRD conducted a training intervention for young managers. This program aimed at empowering new managers with the competencies required in their new roles.

Program Focus Areas:

  • Personal effectiveness at the workplace
  • Sensitization to group dynamics and working with emotional intelligence
  • Feedback for growth
  • How to structure communication effectively and handle difficult conversations

By the end of the training the participants felt that they gained very useful insights into
transitioning from a peer relationship to a leader relationship with their team members
that would help them succeed in their new role.

Write Right: Pan-India rollout of program on Email etiquette for India’s largest Media House

This was the year of Media for Shradha HRD. We conducted several interesting programs for different Media companies across India.

This particular program was rolled out across the country for individual contributors and managers from across functions and levels. This program provided them a refresher on e-mail writing, keeping the organizational perspective in mind. The broad topics covered during the program were:

  • structuring clear and concise emails
  • contextualize writing based on the readers and their needs
  • communicating effectively in difficult situations and writing assertively

Some of the documented feedback for the program was:

“Has helped me develop skills on writing more courteous and concise e-mails”

“I am more confident of delivering bad news through e-mails”

“I loved the inverted pyramid model for writing e-mails

Plan for Success: Experiential program to build competencies on Planning & Execution for Area Service Managers of a large multinational electronics conglomerate

A series of programs for the entire service team was conceived, designed and executed by Shradha HRD. This exciting program was game based and completely experiential.

The key learnings drawn out from the program were:

  • Understand the importance of planning and executing, as opposed to execution and planning
  • Recognize the role Importance of each team member in achieving excellence in execution

We trained over 100 participants from across the country through this intervention. Every activity in the program was followed by a debriefing session through which participants drew out their learnings. Participants received feedback from the trainer and fellow team members, which helped them reflect on their working and execution style. This methodology helped them monitor the effectiveness of their plan, anticipate outcomes and develop contingency plans.