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Andragogy - Speech Genetic Lab

Andragogy : Students

Struggling with the English Language? Looking to better your written, spoken and comprehension skills? Or simply looking to hone your already advanced English language skills - Andragogy®: Speech Genetic® Lab is the perfect solution. It helps you learn at your pace, helps you constantly test yourself and improve your English language skills.

Andragogy®: Speech Genetic® Lab covers all areas of spoken and written English which include pronunciation, grammar, reading & comprehension, listening & comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary building, word stress, sentence stress & intonation. So, you don’t just learn the language, you learn to use it correctly in every situation.

Andragogy - Objectives & Features

Key objectives and features:

  • Relevancy of content : Designed with the students’ needs in mind, the Lab addresses the specific functional issues students like you face everyday.
  • Indian content : Suitable for students & teachers from rural, semi-urban background as well.
  • Person-centric platform : You are the focus and everything the lab does is aimed towards improving your communication and language skills – through actual practice.
  • Valuable Supplement : What you learn in the classroom is supplemented by the Lab. You understand better and learn faster, getting a better grasp of the language.
  • Constant Improvement: The Lab is designed to help you better your language skills through “practice- practice- practice”.
  • Highly Effective : The difference is visible. You will begin to notice improved confidence in English, as your command over the language grows your communication and soft skills will also become better.
  • CCE : Based on the principles of Continuous & Comprehensive evaluation to effectively monitor the student progress. Andragogy has been designed as per the latest CCE guidelines, which emphasize listening, speaking and conversational skills.
  • Measurable : Your progress is visible at every stage. You can see how far you have come and what are the next levels you need to achieve.