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Digital Learning

‘Language is the dress of thought.’
~Samuel Johnson
corporate digital learning training india

Corporate Digital Learning Training India

Companies constantly grapple with paucity of time, budgetary constraints and trainers on the one hand with the need to improve the efficacy and employability of their manpower on the other. They are on the lookout for a solution that delivers training efficiency with minimal intervention and overheads.

The corporate digital learning training is designed to be adaptive to the extant and emergent needs of a corporate.
Be it induction training, product and process training or even specialized English language training through the Speech Genetic Lab – the Andragogy Digital Platform is a true enabler.

Learning by doing is at the core of the Andragogy Digital Learning Platform. It delivers optimal training at the pace of the learner to ensure that learning is retentive and the transformation is based on solid fundamentals. The lab brings together years of training expertise and experience and serve as a powerful deployment platform to create a powerful skill multiplier for corporates.

Because of the way it is designed and delivered, the Andragogy Digital Learning Platform is a more cost-effective and efficient corporate digital learning training delivery mechanism than conventional classroom training. It works well as a standalone solution and in the blended mode as well and ensures measurable improvement across functions.

In short, it is the perfect, training solution that is easy to deploy, customizable and scalable.

corporate digital learningcorporate digital learning training

Key Benefits:

  • Created by Communication Specialists
  • Superior Performance
  • ‘As good as a human, if not better...’
  • "I didn’t even need a manual to start":
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Andragogy Speech Genetic® lab : Andragogy Speech Genetic lab is a specialized module of the Andragogy Digital Learning Platform has been designed to address specific corporate needs in the area of communication.
  • For communication skills : Different organizational levels and functions require different levels of fluency and language skills. The Andragogy Platform has been designed to address these specific employee needs.
  • For technical training : Andragogy is a powerful tool for organization-wide implementation of quality updates, new subject matter, training related to the process, etc. Specialized content can be uploaded for each business or process vertical.
  • For Assessments : Andragogy gives you the capability to conduct organization-wide automated assessments of English language skills (both spoken and written), psychometric evaluations, customer handling skills & technical skills.
  • For Knowledge Management : Andragogy software works as an organizational repository of complete knowledge and provides for easy updation and replication. Knowledge transfer is seamless and there is no transmission loss.